Where to Find Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Where to find a type 2 diabetes cure is shrouded in mystery. In most cases, victims don’t know where to find a type 2 diabetes cure. The diabetes-related industry is a business and businesses are about profit.  Everywhere you look for information about diabetes, diabetes lies have proliferated. This is taking place around the globe. A recent survey showed that 90% of the people in the U.S. and Canada have fallen for false narratives they have read or come across on social media platforms regarding type 2 diabetes.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I didn’t know where to find a cure for my diabetes. This may be the position you are in today, and which has led you to ask, “Where can I find a type 2 diabetes cure?” I have been there. I know exactly how it feels. I, too, was put on medication.

But type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition that eventually progresses to type 1 diabetes, where manual insulin injections are required. I could not accept my circumstance and broke down one day, next to my bed. In desperation, I began to search for a cure. I turned to the internet. That was when I became exposed to how money makes people and corporations do terrible things, including taking advantage of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: the most common diagnosis given by doctors. There were all sorts of people selling diabetes cures, but none had before-and-after blood test results to back up their claims.  I learned, firsthand, the cruelty that diabetics are exposed to. Many diabetes-related blogs were promoting managing diabetes. I later learned that many of the blogs were being paid for or receiving funding to promote diabetes products—this is how the bloggers were making their living. Some of the largest organizations that promote managing diabetes are Diabetes UK, Diabetes Canada, and the American Diabetes Association, now known as Diabetes.org.

Why is diabetes on the increase?

After 2 years of managing my diabetes, I went to see my doctor. I asked him a question, point blank. I asked, “Dr. Robinson, can type 2 diabetes be cured?” He replied, “Yes.” He was right, and, in fact, what he said was backed by another doctor and diabetes researcher who published an article clearly stating this fact.

Another discovery I made when researching a cure for type 2 diabetes was something one doctor, Dr. Fuhrman, said. He stated that information on reversing and curing this condition is intentionally withheld from those who need it the most. The most misleading information about pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes (both conditions which do not require manual insulin injections) is the information which states that these conditions should be managed using pharmaceutical drugs. The purpose of the drugs is so that the diabetic can continue to eat refined sugar, which is the leading cause of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Managing diabetes means the victim will remain diabetic, which leads to stroke, heart disease, and even early death. Yet, the International Diabetes Federation’s mission statement includes: “Promoting diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide.”

The man accredited as the father of Mathematics, Abn al Haytham, also known as Al Hazeen, taught his students about the importance of evidence-based conclusions. In 2009, when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I had a blood sugar level of 21.7 millimoles/L—a life-threatening quantity. Even at that stage, I was able to reverse and cure the diabetes within three weeks.

Diabetes is on the increase because the truth about reversing this simple condition, mainly caused by excess consumption of refined sugar, is kept away from consumers—those who need it the most.

The evidence

 Evidence is everything, particularly in the world we live in today where anyone can say anything about diabetes. The most powerful evidence to support a diabetes cure was published by WebMD, the leader in providing health information to doctors, healthcare workers, and consumers. It is a website doctors go to get the correct information. You can read the evidence by going to this link.  “Secret recipe: How a Chef Cured His Type 2 Diabetes”. You may search for the article on WebMD Website as proof that you can cure your diabetes. See before  and after cure test results below

Before cure test result

after cure test results

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