Type 2 Diabetes Cure in Canada

A Type 2 diabetes cure: does it exist? Many people, particularly type 2 diabetics, have struggled with the question for a number of years. The answer is no longer a mystery. Often victims don’t know where to look for the truth and there is a reason for that. The diabetes-related industry is a business and businesses are all about profit. An internet search for diabetes products shows hundreds of companies selling diabetes products of all kinds, and there are even more products being developed. The number of products available can be overwhelming for the average person. The leader in the diabetes business is Abbott Diabetes Care. The diabetes business is global. A recent survey showed that 90% of the people worldwide have fallen for false narratives they have read or come across on social media platforms and on line regarding a type 2 diabetes cure.  In September of 2009, I was diagnosed a diabetic. I didn’t know where to find a type 2 diabetes cure. This may be the position many people are in today.

At first, when my doctor diagnosed me, I was shocked. I stared at the wall while he spoke. The shock was followed by denial. I couldn’t accept the position I found myself in. This was the first time I realize that human beings are so complex that they can refuse to accept something that is true. In my case, it was the type 2 diabetes diagnosis I couldn’t accept.

Diabetes Cure

To understand the diabetes cure and whether it is possible to achieve, it is first important to understand what diabetes is. According to Dr. Sanjay Basu, Ph.D., of Stanford University, he and his colleagues conducted worldwide research in order to determine the causes of type 2 diabetes. They discovered that type 2 diabetes was caused by refined sugar. To illustrate this fact, before I was diagnosed, I had begun to see a sticky, whitish substance covering my tongue and coming out of my eyes each morning when I woke up. That led me to the doctor’s office, where I was diagnosed.  In desperation, I turned to the internet to find a diabetes cure. That was when I became exposed to the diabetes business. Besides companies making and selling diabetes products, there were all sorts of people selling diabetes cures, but none had before-and-after blood test results to back up their claims nor solid research. 

Type 2 diabetes is caused by sugar buildup in the body that takes place over a number of years. Some of that sugar finds its way into the blood stream where it converts into fat. Some of that fat covers the red blood cells preventing them from absorbing the sugar and transporting it to the muscles to be used for energy. With type 2 diabetes, the pancreas is still functioning. To cure the diabetes, the excess sugar must be burned off. Once that happens, the fat covering the blood cells is so thin, it burns off quickly. At that point, the patient begins to feel an energy surge. That is how I felt. Does it make sense now that diabetes can be cured? Furthermore, there are a number of doctors and researchers who have published their findings backing up this information. In the U.K. and North America, there are publications by scientists and researchers stating that type 2 diabetes can be cured and reversed within four months. The information diabetics need to heal themselves is not made available to them. Rather, only products and newly created diabetes drugs are promoted.  

Many diabetes-related blogs promote managing diabetes. I learned that many of the bloggers are funded by diabetes products manufacturers. I contacted the American Diabetes Association about doing a story on an evidence-based and research-based diabetes cure. They never accepted my article. In July of 2022, I reached out to Diabetes Canada by phone and asked if we could do a story on the diabetes cure. They said they would get back to me but never did. They too receive funding from diabetes drug makers.

Why is diabetes on the increase?

After two years of managing my diabetes, I went to see my doctor. I asked him a question, point blank. I asked, “Dr. Robinson, can type 2 diabetes be cured?” He replied, “Yes.”

Dr. Fuhrman, a diabetes expert, once stated that information on reversing and curing type 2 diabetes is intentionally withheld from those who need it the most. Two other doctors, when interviewed, said that they don’t tell their newly diagnosed patients that type diabetes 2 can be reversed, because it is common knowledge and they expect their patients to know that.

Type 2 diabetes is mostly on the increase because of what we eat. Most foods we buy from the supermarket have sugar in them as a preservative. There are more and more sugar-sweetened beverages coming out each year.  At the same time, researchers have found that there are more people becoming diabetic.

The man accredited as the father of mathematics, Ibn al Haytham, also known as Al Hazeen, taught his students about the importance of evidence-based conclusions. In 2009, when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I had a blood sugar level of 21.7 millimoles/L—a life-threatening quantity. Even at that stage, I was able to reverse and cure the diabetes within three weeks. Evidence is everything, particularly in the world we live in today where anyone can say anything about diabetes. The most powerful evidence to support the diabetes cure was published by WebMD, the leader in providing health information to doctors, healthcare workers, and consumers. It is a website doctors go to get the correct information. You can read the evidence by going to this link. “Secret recipe: How a Chef Cured His Type 2 Diabetes”.

When the James Webb Space Telescope was proposed, many in the field said it couldn’t be carried out successfully. We now know that it was and is providing much better images than the Hubble Telescope. When Elon Mask proposed to build Tesla cars, the so-called experts and other auto manufacturers said it couldn’t be done successfully. We now know that Tesla produces the best-selling electric cars on the market. There are those who say a type 2 diabetes cure does not exist. We now know that it does exist.

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