One of the best ways to reverse diabetes is through the food you eat. Using food as medicine is becoming popular as many people are refraining from eating red meat, and, particularly, refined sugar and sweetened beverages of all kind. Even the largest soda company has released a new cola drink using stevia as sweetener instead of the traditional refined sugar. A number of years ago, an organization was founded in the United States which uses food as medicine. Shortly after, many physicians joined this organization. Its representatives travel around the United State conducting conferences. Many doctors who have attended their conferences have sworn that they will begin to use food as medicine to treat their patients.

The human body is perfectly designed with the ability to repair itself. No creation of man could and will ever achieve that. When the body is given what it needs, it will not just grow strong and healthy, but is able to heal itself from many diseases. Just as the human body is able to heal it when it is fed what it needs, when the wrong foods are fed to the body, it is rendered unable to heal itself.  The question is now: If you are a type 2 diabetic, what should you eat?

What should diabetics eat?

The best way to reveres type 2 diabetes is to remove refine sugar from your diet otherwise the diabetes will not reverse. First, it worth knowing what causes type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by too much refined sugar built up inside the body. It is not caused by being overweight, and there are many researches to back this up. To learn more, please. Unfortunately, the diabetes drug industry is market-driven. It was developed with the same type of strategy that the tobacco companies used: They denied that their product was injurious to the health. Such a strategy is designed to confuse people, but further, it is designed to keep people hooked on a product. So is the case with diabetes treatment. The strategy is to mislead and confuse people and have them believe that type 2 diabetes cannot be cured and that it has to be managed. Thus, diabetics spend the rest of their lives managing the condition.

What foods are considered medicine for diabetics?


Spinach is considered a superfood because of its natural content. Spinach has one of the most important vitamins for diabetics, which is Vitamin B12, and other B vitamins. Why are these important?  The B vitamins help prevent nerve damage and also help repair them. It is not uncommon for a diabetic to develop nerve damage. If a nerve in your thigh gets damaged, the blood supply will not reach that area down to your knee area. When this happens, the flesh in this area collapses. Recovery can take a month or more.

Why specifically is Vitamin B12 most important?

Many diabetics who had their leg amputated were managing their condition.  Leg amputation generally occurs in type 2 diabetics when there is too much sugar buildup in the body that has been left untreated. The sugar damages the nerves in the leg until the nerves are destroyed. At that stage, not much can be done to save the leg. Healthy eating and including spinach in your diet is the key to protecting the nerves.

How to cook spinach: Spinach can be cooked in many ways. One way I like is to sauté it with onions and add it to whole wheat lasagna for a healthy meal. Spinach is often used in salad. If you are going to use it in a salad, you need to add some sort of acid, such as lemon or vinegar to help break down the spinach, otherwise, it will not be properly digested.



Rapini is a very small form of broccoli but has more green leaves. It is slightly bitter. It is known for its cancer-fighting properties. Rapini has calcium, thus, helps build strong bones. Rapini promotes proper digestion, which is very important for diabetics. In addition, it helps with vision improvement. Lack of proper vision is one of the medical problems faced by diabetics.

How to cook rapini: The method I use to cook rapini is simple. I slice an onion, heat olive oil, add the rapini to the hot oil, season it with salt and pepper, and that is it. It should not be overcooked.


Diabetes, or the sugar buildup inside your body, is known for doing more damage than attacking just the nerves. The sugar also attacks your internal organs, including the heart. This eventually may lead to stroke. Statistics show that one out of every two diabetics will die from a stroke. Salmon is great for protecting your heart because of its Omega 3 content.

Other fish that are high in fish oil (with Omega 3) include mackerel, but more particularly, sardines and anchovies. I cook my anchovies following a simple recipe.


  • Sliced onion
  • Diced garlic
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cooked pasta

I heat the oil, add the onion and cook until transparent. I add the garlic and reduce the heat so that I don’t burn the garlic, otherwise, it will become bitter and ruin the dish. When the garlic is partly cooked, I add the diced tomatoes and cook the mixture for a few minutes. I add the anchovies and then season because anchovies can be salty. Once I am pleased with the seasoning, I add the cooked pasta, mix it all together and check the seasoning again to make sure I like it. Wasn’t that easy and simple?

You can use food to reverse diabetes. Now what about the salmon? It’s very simple. Rub olive oil or avocado oil on the salmon, season it with salt and pepper and bake until done. A six-pounce salmon should be done in 7 minutes. The best salmon to use is Coho, Sockeye, Steal head, etc, but not Spring Salmon—the fattier the fish, the better. One of the techniques I use when I am sharing my cooking secrets is to tell how I became a chef. I experimented with a variety of ingredients.

You can top your sautéed Rapini with the baked or pan-fried salmon. You can also use your spinach for salad and top it with pieces of baked salmon. What a healthy choice.



We cannot forget beets. Did you know that beets have some of the all the vitamins you need? They include all the B vitamins. Beets are good for protecting your heart, especially if you are prediabetic or type 2 diabetic. They also have fibre critical for helping reverse type 2 diabetes, according to the world-renowned food researcher and author of the book The China Study. This book has been described the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, defining how diet and weight loss affect long-term health.

How to cook beets

I would discourage you from cooking your own beets. Beets take a long time to cook, cool down, peel, and then dice or slice. I recommend buying them unsweetened in can. They come diced or sliced. Add them to your salad or eat then as your vegetable with lunch or dinner.



Onions have been linked to reduced risk of cancer. They also help lower blood sugar and are loaded with micro-nutrients. To preserve all these nutrients, onions should be eaten raw.

Beet and onion salad

  • Sliced onions
  • Sliced beets
  • Salad dressing

Add all the above three ingredients in a bowl, then toss and season. This salad has more nutrition than most salads.

There are other superfoods that are medicine for diabetics. These include cooked beans. Beans neutralize sugar. Any type of canned beans will do.

The above super foods, in addition to our program, will help you reverse prediabetes and full-blown type 2 diabetes.  The best way to reverse diabetes is not hard. Try It Free.