Information on permanent cure for diabetes type 2 can be very confusing and misleading. For example, some in the medical profession, including diabetes associations such as the American Diabetes Association and the Canadian Diabetes Association, maintain that type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed. These organizations receive funding from diabetes product manufacturers. Further, these same organizations that promote diabetes management are members of the International Diabetes Federation, whose mission is to promote diabetes care and cure worldwide. Additionally, Dr. David Cavan, the programme and policy director at the International Diabetes Association has written a book titled Reverse Your Diabetes. More importantly, these organizations have yet to release research findings which prove that there is no permanent cure for diabetes type 2. The fact that there is a permanent cure for diabetes type 2 is known by doctors and diabetes associations, but this information has not been made openly public for obvious reasons. This is where Discover Diabetes Self-Cure comes in.


Information on Permanent cure for diabetes
A documented case describes a type 2 diabetes patient, who, when diagnosed, had so much sugar in his body that his doctor’s prognosis was an imminent threat of cardiac arrest. It was this patient who began his own research and received advice from several doctors on how to reverse the condition. The result of this collaboration was the development of a 3-Step program. It is this program that reversed the patient’s diabetes and saved his life in less than a month. The diabetes reversal program is now available to the all type 2 diabetics from Discover Diabetes Self-Cure.
The number of people with type 2 diabetes is on the increase. Cook books with recipes said to help reverse or cure type 2 diabetes have proven to be inadequate in bringing about a full reversal and cure of the condition. Discover Diabetes Self-Cure is confident that their program can begin a significant decrease of the number of type 2 diabetes victims around the world.


Discover Diabetes Self-Cure’s advances in type 2 diabetes reversal are groundbreaking. Their research was based on the principal that if the human body is given what it needs, holistically, it will heal itself. The research led to the development of their successful type 2 diabetes reversal plan that goes beyond just food recipes. Developed by doctors and a diabetes survivor and educator, their 3-Step reversal program has proven to be highly effective. In order to bring their results to the public, Christina Boufis, Ph.D. interviewed Ernest Quansah, the founder of Discover Diabetes Self-Cure. The article was reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD, WebMD, Lead Medical Editor and was featured in the magazine WebMD, Diabetes, Fall 2016 Issue, page 19. The purpose of the article was to provide the information to diabetics that type 2 diabetes can be reversed. (WebMD is the largest public provider of information for medical doctors and laymen in need of medical knowledge.) The research and discoveries of Discover Diabetes Self-Cure are also posted on, a website which consists of 48 million researchers and academics from around the globe and is used by academics at 2,687 universities including Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley, MIT and NYU. Our research paper on how type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured  has  downloaded and used by other researchers.  Why manage your diabetes when there is a permanent cure for diabetes type 2.
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