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Diabetes Self Cure

Do you have a relationship success plan? Before Mr. Ernest Quansah switched careers and became a   diabetes expert and lifestyle strategist, he was a love success relationship councilor for 15 years during which he authored Dos and Don’ts of Relationships. The book was inspired by a survey he conducted, which showed that despite the rate of break-ups and divorces, people still believe in love and if they knew how to find it, they will give it another try.

Dos and Don’ts of Relationships is more than about finding true love, it unlocks overlooked places to find dates and teaches the reader how to be a dating octopus. With this book, love success is at your fingertips. Additionally, it teaches:

  • how to form a break-up proof relationship
  • preparation for marriage
  • how to avoid or heal from a toxic relationship
  • simple steps to creating a love relationship success plan, and more.

Dos and Don’ts of Relationships covers everything there is to know about love relationships. Book reviewers have given it 4.5 stars and referred to it as ground breaking.

Diabetes Journey

When Mr. Quansah was diagnosed with a severe case of type 2 diabetes, like most people, he managed it with medications until his doctor informed him that his condition could be cured. Quansah began to research type 2 diabetes, including its causes how it can be reversed and cured. He carried out this research with the assistance of several doctors. Diabetic’s Journey: How type 2 Diabetes can be Reversed and Cured lays out his findings and the results they produced. There is no evidence that type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and weight gain, cannot be reversed. Research shows that these three conditions can be cured using natural means. This is backed by other researchers and WebMD.

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Our book on love relationships

Modern-day men and women don’t think like they did in the past. Equip yourself with simple but
effective relationship advice that actually works. Our book has a rating of 4.5 on Amazon and is
considered groundbreaking.
You will get advice in these areas, and more:
Becoming a “dating octopus”
Succeeding in an interracial relationship
Strengthening your current love relationship
Signs that he or she wants you
How to identify your soul mate
Preparing for marriage
How to win your divorce case
In this book you will find answers to every question you have about relationship success.

Our book on diabetes

You may also be interested in our book Diabetics’ Journey that explains that type diabetes is a
condition, not a disease, and that it can easily be reversed. Also, learn about the extent to which
companies and service providers have become dishonest.