When people are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, the first line of defense is for doctors to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. While this approach does benefit sufferers of the condition, should they depend on these drugs for managing their diabetes for the rest of their lives, or are there other options that could help them heal from the condition? This deserves examination.

The approach of managing type 2 diabetes, declaring it to be the only option for improving the lives of sufferers, has led to the proliferation of the condition. Scientific research has shown that the application of natural treatments, at the same time as managing the condition with medications, can bring about reversal and even cure of type 2 diabetes within 4 months or less according to Dr. Natalia McInnis of McMaster University who specializes in how type 2 diabetes can be cured and reversed.  Many other research confirms her discovery. Type 2 diabetics are kept in the dark for the sake of profit. I am a living proof that type diabetes can be reversed and cured. 

Why is type 2 diabetes on the increase?

Type 2 diabetes is on the increase mainly due to the promotion of managing the condition rather than educating the public about a reversing the diabetes through lifestyle changes . But the public also has a role, which is that people need to ask their doctors if there are options for treatment other than only managing their type 2 diabetes. The role of doctors should include advising their patients of the natural options available to them. This would include proper diet and exercise.

Managing type 2 diabetes with prescription drugs

In researching the management of type 2 diabetes with prescription drugs, I discovered two reasons why doctors prescribe drugs which are only for management and are not the solution.

  1. Some doctors say that the reason they don’t ask their type 2 diabetes patients to eat healthy foods and exercise as a treatment is because their patients don’t listen. They put all their hope in pharmaceutical drugs to help them. One doctor I know of said, “If people would eat in moderation and do exercise, 90% of their diseases would go away, including heart disease and diabetes.”
  2. Others doctors say that since the condition is brought on by foods that sufferers eat, then they must know what to modify regarding their eating habits, but they don’t do that.

The above is critical and potentially life-saving information that is not being disseminated to victims of a condition that can bring about death, but not before it triggers a litany of other diseases. These two examples illustrate the point:

Example 1: In 2016, I received a call from a man who told me his doctor had informed him that he had not more than six months to live. I can imagine how he must have felt. He pleaded with me asking if there was anything I could do to help him reverse his now-too-advanced diabetes. He had been depending on his diabetes drugs for managing his condition. He was an amputee and partly blind. There was nothing I could do to help him. His condition could have reversed and cured earlier, while he was managing the diabetes.

Example 2: In this example, the victim would not listen to advice. He drank a bottle of cola each day. His feet were swollen. He needed injections in his eyes from time to time due to sugar buildup in them. He had put his trust in diabetes drugs to save him, but experienced the opposite.

Type 2 diabetes is a curable condition. If ignored, it is a progressive condition that can reach a stage where manual insulin injections are required. Most victims of type 2 diabetes are not informed of this.

Managing type 2 diabetes as the only treatment is a song sung repeatedly to convince diabetics to manage their condition. Type 2 diabetes is managed through the use of prescription drugs. Managing diabetes in this manner has allowed the condition—which can be reversed—to proliferate worldwide. Yet managing diabetes means the victim will always remain a diabetic.

While still managing their diabetes with medicine, victims can apply a natural method to reverse their condition. Evidence suggests that victims of type 2 diabetes may depend too much on managing the diabetes. Managing diabetes also costs most nations’ health budget billions of dollars each year—funds that could be used for the development of programs that would save the lives of diabetics, such as education about the condition and how to tackle it. Countries such as Norway once experienced an increase in cases of type 2 diabetes. Through research and subsequent education on the treatment of type 2 diabetes, Norway has seen a decline in new cases of diabetes, while in most developed nations new cases are on the increase. Former Health Minister of Canada, Jane Philpott explained that 4 out of every 5 Canadian are at risk of becoming diabetic if they continue with their same habits. In 2019, the new Canadian food guide—which was not compiled with influence from the dairy industry and food manufacturers—suggested that Canadians should not consume sugar-sweetened milk, sugar-sweetened fruit beverages, and sugar-sweetened colas. Managing diabetes is allowing people to continue with unhealthy food consumption, which endangers their health.

Science and Evidence

We live in a world that holds science and evidence-based results as the legitimate means of confirming that a formula works. Abn al Haytham, also known as Al Hazeen, taught his students about the importance of evidence-based conclusions. Diabetics managing their condition and not making essential lifestyle changes only benefits diabetes product manufacturers. There is no evidence that has proven that type 2 diabetes acquired due to lifestyle choices cannot be reversed. In fact, recent evidence shows otherwise. Many type 2 diabetics who were managing their condition and learned reversal was possible say they feel they were lied to. Managing diabetes type 2 as the best treatment for the condition is nothing more than a hypothesis that has yet to be proven by science.

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Affiliation/Organization: Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Wellness