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Diabetes Self Cure


Who can use this program? Pre-diabetics, type 2 diabetics, and those who want to lose weight. Follow our program and regain your good health, lose weight, and cure your type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. You will feel healthier, younger, happier, and full of energy. Our diabetes reversal program is the first and the only program to be featured by WebMD, which provides medical information to doctors and healthcare professionals. It is a powerful testimonial for a program that works.

Reverse Diabetes Naturally with a Holistic Diabetes Cure

Simple and easy steps for reversing diabetes. Anyone can follow them.

Step 1: Type 2 diabetes is caused by refined sugar buildup in the body. Take refined sugar out of your diet, otherwise, you will never overcome your diabetes.

Step 2: Many foods have sugar preservatives, so cook your own food so that you have control over what you eat. Eat foods such as scrambled egg whites and sugar-free bread for breakfast. For lunch you can have cabbage and tofu soup. For dinner, try grilled baked chicken on a bed of stir-fried vegetables. These are just a few ideas that can be found in our program.

Step 3: Exercise utilizing the appropriate equipment. For example, resistance equipment and others that help you burn the excess sugar so that the body will use fat for energy, otherwise, you will have a hard time reversing your diabetes.

Step 4: Restore probiotics in your gut. Sugar is food for antibiotic growth, which overwhelms probiotics in your gut. So take a good-brand probiotic and feed it by eating sauerkraut, miso soup, and other probiotic-rich foods. This will enhance your diabetes cure program. 

Step 5: Get your carbohydrates from vegetables and not from white bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.


Step 6: Don’t eat tropical and other sweet fruits, like mango, banana, pineapple, and grapes. They are very high in simple carbohydrates (sugar).  


Steps 7: Take proper vitamins, such as VITA VIM. Just don’t take them in the evening—they might keep you up at night.


Step 8: Eat within two hours after waking up and at least two hours prior to bedtime.


After your diabetes is reversed, if it does not return after two years, you are cured. If you follow the above steps, you will be able to achieve diabetes cure and normalize your A1C to 5.5, or at least below 7. There is no diabetes drug that can reverse diabetes. It is a false hope to rely on diabetes drugs. They only help you manage the condition. Managing type 2 diabetes with prescription drugs means you will always be diabetic, until the disease takes your life. (Our program also works for pre-diabetes and weight gain.) 


We offer a highly effective diabetes cure program in the form of a 3-month menu cycle with recipes, a cooking video made by a professional chef, a 3-month diabetes exercise routine with video demo made by a personal trainer, and a vitamin therapy program. To get the full 3-month program, TAKE ACTION AND ORDER HERE


Our Program
12 Week Plan for the Reversal of Pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or Obesity

Month One • Doctor-recommended daily menu plan with recipes • Professional-created daily exercise routine • Daily vitamin and supplement intake plan

Month Two • Daily menu cycle with recipes • Professional-created daily exercise routine • Daily vitamin and supplement intake plan

Month Three • Create your own recipes • Follow our exercise routine • Follow our vitamin/supplement plan FREE

Download our free video on how to perform the program exercises correctly. Download and watch a cooking demonstration. After your purchase, you will receive a link with which to download the program onto your devise and get started.

Our Approach

A Three-Step Plan

Step 1: We have done all the work for you. We provide you with a 3-month recipe and menu cycle to use each day. We also let you know when to eat your first meal of the day and why, how many meals to eat each day, and when to eat your last meal of the day.

Step 2: Step 2 provides you with a daily exercise routine to follow for three months. As you follow the routine, you will begin to see results and feel much better. This improvement should progress to the point that your doctor can wean you off of diabetes drugs.

Step 3:   Research shows that a diabetes body does not absorb enough nutrition due to sugar buildup inside the body, which causes the diabetes. Hence, our type 2 diabetes cure, and pre-diabetes and weight gain reversal program includes a list of vitamins and supplements to be taken. (We are the first to add vitamins and supplements to a diabetes cure program.)

Management of Diabetes vs. the Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Managing diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is managed by taking pharmaceutical drugs, such as Metformin, Janumet, or others. These drugs allow you to continue eating refined sugar—the same product that made you a diabetic in the first place. This means you will always remain a diabetic, exposing yourself to possible limb amputation, stroke, heart attack, and a shortened lifetime.

Type 2 diabetes cure

Did you know that there is no research showing that type 2 diabetes cannot be reversed or cured? In fact, researchers from McMaster University and others have shown that type 2 diabetes definitely can be reversed and cured? The cure of type 2 diabetes means you potentially eliminate the possibility of suffering the damaging and life-threatening outcomes of type 2 diabetes. 


Pre-diabetes and weight gain

Both pre-diabetes and weight gain, or obesity, are caused by lifestyle choices, meaning what you eat and your lack of physical exercise. This means both pre-diabetes and weight gain are reversible by following a diet different from the one that caused your condition, and by performing the exercises needed to help your body reverse it. In this way, our program works for reversing both pre-diabetes and weight gain. 

Reach your dream

At 45, Ernest was able to reduce his A1C level from 21.7 millimoles to 6.5 millimoles by following this program. This was achieved in 21 days. See blood glucose result.
Diabetes Self Cure
Ernest Quansah
Craig Lawrence, 52: “I had put on weight and struggled with diabetes for years. This was until I found this cure program. Since I started, my weight has dropped, and my diabetes has reversed. I will highly recommend the program to anyone who is type 2 diabetic. See before and after picture here.
Diabetes Self Cure
Craig Lawrence

Your Savings through Your Investment

Our Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program: 

Onetime payment of $174.49


Monthly Medication Cost

Metformin: 100 Tablets = $11 for 14 Pills depending on the drug store = $47.14 per month

Janumet:   60 Tablets = $187 CAN or $136.16 USD per month


Yearly Investment

Metformin: $47.14 per month or $ 565.71 per year for life

Janumet: $2,244.63 CAN or $ 1633.92 USD per year


Your Savings

Metformin = 391.71 CAN or 285.04 USD per year for life

Janumet     = 2,070.63 CAN or 1,459.92 USD a year for life


Diabetes Self Cure