Diabetes Canada was formally known as the Canadian Diabetes Association. The likely reason they changed the name was to align with other diabetes organizations, such as Diabetes UK, Diabetes Pakistan, etc.

Can you get rid diabetes?

In a survey, type 2 diabetics and prediabetics said that if they could find a program to reverse their diabetes, they wouldfollow it.One of my very favourite authors is the world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Ph.D. He once said that consumers are lied to by most businesses, but they don’t know it. He is absolutely correct. Upon Diabetes Canada acquiring their new name, they made some changes on their website.For example, when I was diagnosed a diabetic back in 2009, I did my research and found that the Canadian Diabetes Association(now known as Diabetes Canada) indicated on their website that a blood glucose level of no more than 7 millimoles should be the goal. Soon after they changed their name,theyput out a TV ad in which they recommended that young people in their thirties do a blood glucose test. Up to that time, adults with insulin resistance were diagnosed as being diabetic only in their mid-forties. The suggestion for younger people to do a blood glucose test was not made by medical doctors who were examining and making the diagnoses,it was made by Diabetes Canada.

Another change made by Diabetes Canada, which had been known as the Canadian Diabetes Association, was to change the top normal blood glucose level listed on their site from 7 millimoles down to 5.5 millimoles. What does that mean? It means anyone whose blood glucose level is 5.6 or above is now considered diabetic and requires diabetes drugs and a blood glucose meter.

Funding Diabetes Canada

The reduction in what is considered a normal blood glucose level occurred right after the company began to receive funding from diabetes drug manufactures. Diabetes Canada, like the American Diabetes Association, has membership in the International Diabetes Federation (IDF),an organization that claims to promote diabetes cure and care worldwide. The unfortunate thing is that none of the IDF members promote diabetes cure and care; which means, they offer no program to victims of diabetes to help them cure their condition.

Can diabetes be reversed?

When I reversed my type 2 diabetes, I reached out to the American Diabetes Association and asked if I could have an article about my experience published in their magazine. They accepted. I sent them the article but it was never published, because it revealed that type 2 diabetes, which affects 90% of diabetics, is caused by excess refined sugar in the blood and can be reversed simply following a diet and exercise program. There is real scientific research to back this up.

Dr. Natalia McInnes is a diabetes researcher based in MacMaster University. According to her research findings published in the National Postin 2016, she said type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured in four months by following a diet and exercise program.

She is right. My own doctor anddoctors in the United States have come up with the same result. I am a living witness. I reversed my diabetes in less than a month. Diabetes Canada does not promote a diabetes cure nor offer programs for reversing type 2 diabetes. Once they accepted funding from diabetes drug makers, they gave away their right to be autonomous. They also became accountable to their funders. By promoting a diabetes cure, they would be going against the drug companies. Think about that for a minute.

There is no research anywhere that has found that type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance cannot be reversed. Diabetes treatment is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is in the best interest of drug producers to protect and increase their profit. If you have diabetes, it is in your best interest to reverse it. Here is why: Diabetes can cause stroke, heart disease, blindness, and even limb amputation. Like mentioned at the beginning of this article, diabetics are lied to. I should know. I was victim of diabetes until I asked my doctor if the condition could be cured and he said, “Yes, using several programs all working together.” I then took steps to find the cure. The whole story can be found in my book Diabetic’s Journey.

If you have diabetes and don’t take the steps to reverse it, no one will do it for you.

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