To approach curing your type 2 diabetes, you should start by understanding what goes on inside a diabetic’s body. A team of diabetes researchers made up of physicians, a TCM doctor, and a naturopathic doctor—all who acted as the advisers for our type 2 diabetes research—found that when one becomes diabetic, the body has developed Insulin Resistance. This happens when refined sugar build-up in the body is not able to be transported by means of insulin into the blood cells, and finds its way into the blood stream, converting into fat and coating the blood cells. This prevents the cells from absorbing the sugar and transporting it into the muscles to be used as energy that fuels the body. A cure for diabetes means the diabetes is permanently eliminated. On the road to finding the cure, our research found that first, the diabetes must be reversed, which means; to restore Insulin Sensitivity. Then, if the diabetes does not return after two years, it has been cured, according to Dr. Anthony Robinson, a physician of 40 years.

Unlike recipe books for curing type 2 diabetes, we offer a well-tested and effective 3-Step program that reverses and cures types 2 diabetes quickly and is easy and simple to follow.