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How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus as Featured by WebMD

We offer an effective diabetes cure program for reversing pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and for achieving weight-loss.

Free yourself from type 2 diabetes or weight gain. Do you have type 2 diabetes mellitus, are you pre-diabetic or are you getting married and would like to shed some pounds before your wedding night? Imagine your life without any of the three conditions. I too was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus back in 2009. I know too well how it feels to be a diabetic, worry about what to eat, when you might get a stroke, heart disease and others diseases triggered by the diabetes. I know all about having to live with type 2 diabetes by taking diabetes mellitus drugs managing it. But diabetes drugs allow you to eat sugar which is the cause of the diabetes mellitus in the first place. This means the diabetes drug keeps you a diabetic. Don’t lose hope. We can help you reverse your condition FREE but first, read what we have to say.

Reverse Adult-Onset Diabetes Based on Science

If you have type 2 diabetes, we can help you but you need to do your part. Most of you who have adult on-set diabetes don’t hear about the evidence showing that adult on-set diabetes can be reversed and cured based on scientific research. If you don’t try reversing your diabetes naturally, how would you know that the science works? Adult on-set diabetics are often given prescription drugs. My own doctor told me that that is because people don’t listen. Research after research has found that adult on-set diabetes can be reversed and even cured? Does that sound too good to be true? Read this research article by Dr. Natalia McInnes of McMaster University who specialized in reversing and curing type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes can be cured and even reversed within four months following a diet and exercise routine.

Another example, according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a food scientist, he said in his video that he was asked by diabetes drug manufacturer to produce an article on diabetes for publication. He said that when he mentions in the article that type 2 diabetes can be cured, the diabetes drug manufacturer refused to publish the article stating that if diabetics know that their condition can be cured, they will stop buying diabetes medication. What does his comment and that of the drug company mean to you? His video can be found on YouTube.

I am an eye witness that type 2 diabetes can be revered. In fact, my own experience reversing my diabetes was published by WebMD and during the interview, the interviewer who has a P.H.D informed me that type 2 diabetes can be cured. See Article

What You Don’t Know About Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Consider this. Type 2 diabetes drug industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with connection with the top decision makers in every government. They have power to block or shut down anyone who threatens their profit. But understanding how you became a diabetic is key to reversing it. Here is why. Type 2 diabetes is caused by excess sugar build-up inside the body. That is why doctors test for blood sugar levels and that is why diabetic drugs are design to reduce refine sugar content inside the body but not reverse the diabetes. It is the excess sugar that deteriorates the internal organs for example heart, nerves, eye and is the number cause of stroke but the good news is your pancreas still works.

The diabetes is caused when the sugar finds its way into the blood stream where it converts into fat. Some of the fat coats the red blood cells preventing them from absorbing sugar and transporting it into the muscles to be used as energy. The medical terminology for that is Type 2 Diabetes. Can sugar inside the body be burn off? How? By exercise and healthy eating.

See My “Before” Blood Sugar Result Here
See My “After” Blood Sugar Result Here

Diabetes Self Cure

How to Successfully Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

All types of success follow the same pattern. You will not know until you try it. For example, when ex-US president Obama considered entering the nomination to became a senator, he didn’t think he will be nominated and gave up. His friend who is a senator advised him to enter the race and not just give up. He did and was nominated followed by been voted for as President. If you understand this principle, you can achieve success including reversing and curing your diabetes. The secret is taking the first step by trying it and going through the entire process.

Try the Free Version. Or order the Full Version program and stick to it until you reach the result that you want. That is what our program does for diabetics. After my diabetes was revered, I contacted American Diabetes Association, Diabetes UK as well as Diabetes Canada and asked if I can submit an article for publication. Diabetes Canada who receives funding from diabetes drug manufacture said they will call me back but never did.

America Diabetes association accepted the article then refused to publish it because it the article was about reversing and curing the condition. Do you remember Dr. Fuhrman’s experience? The only organization to publish my article is WebMD.


We have the expertise help you reverse any of these conditions: pre-diabetes, full blown type 2 diabetes or weight gain.

We are so confident that our program will change your life like it changed mine, we want you to download the free version and try it out.

Getting Ready for a Wedding?

Are you getting ready to marry and want to drop your weight? We can help. Try our program for free before you buy the full version.


After downloading the FREE TRIAL, you have 14 days to cancel it if you do not want the full version. Otherwise, you will be charged and the full version sent to you for ONLY $175.95 USD.


Diabetes Self Cure
Diabetes Self Cure

Program Outcome

By the time you complete the 3 months version made up of diet, exercise and supplements, you would successfully reverse your 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or weight gain.

Menu: Our delicious diabetic menu with recipes helps you lose weight faster while assisting burn body fat.

Exercise: Our diabetic exercise program burns off sugar faster, strengthen your body, sharpens your mind, normalizes your blood pressure, and reduces your chance of stroke, heart disease, limb amputation and early death

Supplements: Diabetics do not absorb enough vitamins from food. We fix that by give you a list of vitamins and supplement to take to replenish your body.

NOTE: Once your condition has been reversed, you may eat your Favourite foods but in in moderation.

Monthly or Yearly Medication Cost

Ozempic with insurance: $25 USD x 12 months. Without insurance = $892 a month
Metformin without insurance: $47.14 per month or $ 565.71 per year for life
Janumet without insurance: $2,244.63 CAN or $ 1633.92 USD per year

Our Diabetes Reversal Program Cost

You get:
• 2 Months Menu Cycle with the recipe to follow and 1 month menu creation
• 3 Months of professionally develop diabetic exercise routine to use
• 3 months of vitamin and supplement to take and at what time of the day

BONUS ONE: Literature explaining why you are not losing weight and how to take excess weight off
BONUS TWO: Exercise video showing you how to do the exercise correctly
BONUS THREE: Cooking video showing you how to cook delicious food

Mission Statement

Our mission is moving reversing pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetes cure forward worldwide one person at a time.

Our Values

At the forefront of this company is our values. We are passionate about honesty. We believe that a business must be honest and true in the services they market to consumers.

Branding: What sets my company apart? Unlike the competition, I have firsthand experience with diabetes and what I did to reverse and cure it. This means I know diabetes really well and what to do to cure it. See before and after cure blood test results.



“It is sad to know that one out of every two diabetics managing their diabetes will die from it. I want to live to see my children’s weddings. Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Wellness put me on the right path to reversing my diabetes. My blood glucose level is dropping and I have lost weight. Centre for Diabetes and Obesity Wellness is a game changer.”

C. Brian
Florida, USA


“My brother’s wedding was six months away. I wanted to lose weight so that can fit into the bridesmaid’s dress I wanted. The problem was that I kept trying to lose weight but it was not working. I became desperate. I heard about the weight loss program on this website. I tried it and in six months, I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I have never been happier.”

Natasha B.
Vancouver, Canada


Regarding the million-dollar question of whether type 2 diabetes can be cured or reversed, my answer is yes. I thank Ernest for his great contribution to society.

Professor of Diabetology and Medicine.


Diabetes Self Cure