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The Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

Facts About Type 2 Diabetes

Permanent Cure for Diabetes Type 2 and Solution for overweight and obesity

Are you a type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic? Or Are You just overweight and want to lose weight? If you are a diabetic and struggling with reversing the diabetes or you overweight are struggling with being shed off pounds, we understand.

Our Formula, discovered through research and tested, has proven highly effective in reversing and even curing diabetes type 2. The same formula has helped overweight and obese people struggling with weight gain lose weight and keep it off.

Our Triple-Factor Formula:

  1. Customized exercise performed at certain time of the day
  2. Customized diet/menu cycle and not just following recipe book
  3. Vitamin/supplement therapy administered at specific time of the day.


  1. Our Formula was created with assistance from doctors
  2. Our formula is so effective that Diabetes UK, is currently conducting their own large-scale trial based on the first two formula, customized exercise and diet
  3. Diabetes Self-Cure is a leader in this field and the first to reveal in 2012 that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured.


WebMD, a leading provider of health information to doctors, health care industry and consumers made up of hundreds of doctors published an article on the effectiveness of our diabetes reversal and cure plan in WebMD Diabetes Fall 2016 Issue.

  1. Lastly, we have been invited to present our research and diabetes cure plan at the International Diabetes & Degenerative Disease conference


We provide two service

  1. Formula for permanent cure for diabetes type 2
  2. Solution for losing weight and keeping it off


Some doctors charge $400 for 30 minutes’ consultation and others charge up to $1200 for 30 minutes’ consolation just to sell you a recipe book. A supplement that mimics insulin listed as part of our formula that cost only for $20 is sold by another doctor for $900




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Permanent cure for diabetes type 2

Are you a type 2 diabetic? How different would the rest of your life be if you could reverse and permanently cure your type 2 diabetes for less than $97?
You don’t gain anything without trying. Why manage diabetes when you can reverse and even cure it?

For proof that there is a permanent cure for diabetes type 2, please continue

Diabetes Type 2 Diagnosis and Results
Insulin Resistance and Insulin Sensitivity Are The Keys to Diabetes Research

Breakthroughs From The Diabetes Research

Breakthroughs made as a result of the research:

  • Vision restoration
  • Impotency prevention
  • Much improved liver function
  • Healthier heart and fully functioning internal organs
  • Restoration to normal health
  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Greater knowledge of the role the liver plays in curing diabetes mellitus
  • Greater knowledge of the role cells covered with fat play in weight gain and the contribution to causing diabetes mellitus
  • Most importantly, the research brought about the elimination of 90% of all ailments that afflict type 2 diabetics, as well as non-diabetics.

A Cure For Diabetes That Lasts

Three years after our test patient’s diabetes was reversed, he remains type 2 diabetes free.

Pre-diabetes afflicts over 86 million Americans, according to statistics released by the American Diabetes Association. Science is about facts and evidence. The facts and evidence are now available for all to review in a new, doctor-approved manual designed to help diabetes mellitus patients reverse their condition.

There is a cure for type 2 diabetes, and it lasts. You too can beat diabetes.


Cure for Type 2 Diabetes That Lasts

Diabetes permanent cure plan

As reported in the permanent cure for type diabetes type 2 page, and by the leading provider of health information, WebMD, those who use our diabetes type 2 reversal plan can greatly improve their health, reverse their diabetes, and learn how to cure it. The names of the doctors and researchers who advised in the constituents and methodology of the reversal plan are given in our books The Journey and Diabetes Reversal Program. Our reversal program is all natural. PLEASE SEE OUR DIABETES PERNANENT CURE PLAN HERE.

Our books explain what goes on inside the body of a diabetic and why our 3-Step reversal program is the superior reversal program available. If you do not find all this information in our materials, you can return them for a FULL REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You have our word for it.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

When you are diagnosed a type 2 diabetic, your pancreas still works. So what causes the diabetes? Over the years, refined sugar builds up in the body. When there is too much of it, it overwhelms the insulin, a hormonal secretion from the pancreas that transports the sugar you eat to the muscles to be used as energy. This means, when there is too much sugar in your body, the insulin secreted is not enough to transport all the sugar to the muscles. The result is an excess sugar build-up in your body. This excess sugar coverts into fat, which then finds its way into your blood stream where it coats your blood cells, preventing them from absorbing the sugar and transporting it to your muscles cells to be used for energy. Hence, you can begin experiencing a lack of energy and strength when you are diagnosed with the condition. Your body has become insulin-resistant. This is what makes you a diabetic.

Permanent cure for diabetes

There is a permanent cure for diabetes. Furthermore, there is no research that proves that type 2 diabetes, caused by lifestyle choices, induced by the environment, or brought on by medications, cannot be reversed. Recent research does show that diabetes can be reversed. We now know that the program and policy director at the largest diabetes organization, the International Diabetes Federation, has written books affirming diabetes reversal. Our own research team made up of diabetes researchers, doctors, and a diabetes researcher and educator has found that there is a permanent cure for diabetes

 Our doctor approved 3-Step program was put together as permanent cure for diabetes to help, and the cost is less than $100. Why wait and risk liver failure, blindness, limb amputation and heart disease (just to name a few possible outcomes) when you can regain good health?

Diabetes types

To be successful at permanently curing your diabetes, you, the diabetic, first has to know which type of diabetes you have. The types include:

  1. Hereditary: You inherit this type of diabetes because someone in your family tree has it or had. It was then passed on to one of your parents who passed it on to you or it jumped from a grandparent to you, missing your parent.
  2. Caused by lifestyle Choices: 99% of all type 2 diabetics acquire the condition due to their lifestyle; meaning, the sort of foods consumed by the patient. This is why type 2 diabetes reversal programs are usually found in the form of recipe books, even the ones created by doctors.

Proof that more than 90% of type 2 diabetes cases can be reversed and cured is backed by the world’s two leading institutional authorities on diabetes, the International Diabetes Federation and WebMD.  Read more


Our Diabetes Information is Guaranteed!

All this information and much more can be found in The Journey and its companion manual Type 2 Diabetes Cure Program. If any of this information is not found in the publications, a THREE-FOLD refund shall be issued, GUARANTEED.