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Cure For Insulin Resistance (As Featured by WebMD)

The cure for insulin resistance is shrouded in mystery, yet research shows that insulin resistance can be cured, according several doctors including Dr. N. McInnes of MacMaster University, a diabetes expert who does research on a cure for type 2 diabetes.

The cure for insulin resistance is relatively easy and simple, but often, only the business of selling diabetes products for the purpose of profit is promoted. I was subject to misinformation until I asked my doctor, who told me that I could cure my type 2 diabetes. My success was featured by WebMD on their website as well as in their fall 2016 Diabetes magazine, page 19. This is a very powerful testimony. I have direct experience that insulin resistance,or type 2 diabetes, can be reversed. Even my doctor issued me a handwritten testimonial when he learned that I had discovered and effectively applied a cure for insulin resistance on myself. I then told him I was going to write a book to help others,to which he replied, “That is an excellent idea.”

The insulin resistance cure

A few years ago, many doctors would agree that there was insulin resistance cure. I get calls from people asking for help when they have already lost a limb and have become blind due to diabetes,and the doctor has informed them that they have less than 6 months to live.The Insulin resistancecure is effective when the patient has not reached a point of no return.Researchers have found that type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease and at some point, it will progressto type 1 diabetes, the irreversible condition. Diabetes will also shorten your life. Pharmaceutical drugs simply keep the diabetic alive a little longer while the sugar weakens the patient and degenerateshis or her internal organs. The solution is to reverse insulinresistance and bring about insulinsensitivity once again.

What causes insulin resistance?

Did you know that the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) includes the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Canada, and the world’s other diabetes associations?IDF’smission is to promote diabetes care and cure worldwide,yet the internet is full of misleading information that says otherwise.

According to Dr. Sanjay Basu, a Ph.D. from Stanford University, he and his colleagues found that type 2 diabetes is caused by the over-consumption of refined sugar. You become insulin-resistant when your body is not using up the sugar inside your body. At that point, you have become a type 2 diabetic. When I was diagnosed, I thought I had to live with diabetes, until my doctor told me that it could be reversed and cured.The cure means the diabetes does not come back. Through diet, exercise, and vitamin therapy, I was able to achieve insulinsensitivityquickly. My success led to the book “Diabetic’s Journey”How Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed and Cured, for which my doctor gave me a hand-written testimonial.

Imagine your lifewithout type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or being overweight. What would your life be like? Our program was created by an ex-diabetic with the assistance of a medical doctor, a naturopathic doctor, and a doctor of Eastern Medicine. This isa combined experience of 90 years. Their names are in the book. We offer a premium cure for insulin resistance. If you are pre-diabetic, type 2 diabetic,or overweight, you will see a significant improvement in your health using our program, but you must stick to it. By the end of 3 months, you will see a complete reversal of your condition;GARANTEED.

For example, by using the very program given on this site, my blood glucose level dropped from 21.7 millimoles, or 390.6 milligrams, down to 6.2 millimoles, or 111.6 milligrams. My A1C dropped down to 5.5. My blood pressure also went from high to normal. See the blood test results by going to Testimonial.

The best foods for reversing insulin resistance

You can reverse insulin resistance in no more than 12 weeks, according researchers. Eating the best foods for reversing insulin resistance is part of the process. Reversing insulin resistance can be achieved by consuming foods such as steak, vegetable soups, avocados, salads etc. Avoid tropical fruits which are loaded with the substance known by researchers to cause type 2 diabetes, or insulin resistance. That substance is sugar. Consider this: Insulin resistance occurs when there is too much refined sugar buildup inside your body. The body cannot process the excess sugar. Some of the sugar finds its way into your blood stream where it converts into fat. Some of the fat coats your red blood cells, preventing them from transporting the sugar to your muscles where it is used as energy. At that point, you become insulin-resistant and a diabetic, but your pancreas still works. The best foods for reversing insulin resistance help you become insulin-sensitive, especially if you include exercise targeted at diabetes. It took me only 21 days to reverse mine, because I followed a well-developed diet and exercise program. Even my doctor was amazed that I reversed my condition so quickly. You can do the same. All we ask is that you stick to the best foods for reversing insulin resistance, which can be found in our diabetes reversing program.

Our cure for insulin resistance consists of diet in the form of a 3-month menu cycle, a 3-month exercise routine, and vitamin therapy. Followed correctly, it can yield results within a few weeks. Without the exercise, it can take longer to reverse your condition. An insulin resistance cure should not cost thousands of dollars. Our does not. We invite you to try our program.


Studies show that successful people generally have certain abilities developed that less successful people don’t; for example, when they see an opportunity to improve, they ACT. They know that if they procrastinate, they remain stuck in their ways and let the opportunities slip by. Understanding this VERY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE is the key to successfully reversing your condition. ACT NOW.

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